“Parasitoid Wasps” It’s Like The Alien Movies, But Real!

Parasitoid wasps are a large group of hymenopteran superfamilies, with all but the wood wasps (Orussoidea) being in the wasp-waisted Apocrita. As parasitoids, they lay their eggs on or in the bodies of other arthropods, sooner or later causing the de.a.th of these hosts. Different species specialise in hosts from different insect orders, most often Lepidoptera, though some select beetles, flies, or bugs; the spider wasps (Pompilidae) exclusively attack spiders.

Imagine that after it punches it’s way through your chest it makes you tuck it in and cook it dinner. That’s what this wasp actually does!

Cotesia golmerata, arguably the most interesting animal in all of nature. I (TC camera op James) have been trying to film this for the last three years. This was my white whale. Hope you enjoy it!

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