Snake Swallows Tennis Ball, Handler Massages It Out In Delicate Operation.

A video posted by an Australian organization that assists with reptile removal is currently trending on social media. A snake handler is shown rubbing a snake to get it to give up a tennis ball it had i.nge.sted in the video. The Facebook video, which was first shared on February 8, has received over 1.1 million views, 1,500 replies, and over 1,700 shares. If you’re not fond of c.reepy-crawlies, it might be a good time to keep your distance.

“What do you serve but don’t eat?” asked Townsville Snakehandler in a Facebook post. Of course, the answer is a tennis ball, which the snake had managed to s.wallow.

The snake was seen by some home owners who observed it had an oddly round hump and summoned a snake catcher, according to their Facebook page. When it arrived in Townsville Snakehandler, the team used X-rays to determine that the bulge was actually a ball. They figured they could assist the snake regurgitate it because it hadn’t gone too far.

Predergast claimed it took around half an hour and a couple of thumb cramps to gently massage the tennis ball out of the snake after using paraffin oil to make it slippery.

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