When the snake family was found in an 80-year-old house, it was well that this amazing feat was caught on camera.

You are saving not only the life of the speechless snake but also the lives of human beings, you have saved the lives of many more human beings than the lives of snakes you have saved. And knowing how many are wasted with money in the affair of treatment, a hundred salutes to your bravery.

The same had happened in my home a few years ago when more than 30 snakes had been found from a tiny hole and I was completely s.hoc.ked to see that how many snakes were there but u.nfortun.ately they all had to k.illed because at that time there was no any r.escuer like you, good job bro.

Amazing video Sir ji, if it is possible to add English subtitles and translation to your great videos people’s in USA, EUROPE, SRILANKA,, AUSTRALIA,NEW ZEALAND, SOUTH AMERICA, AFRICA can watch it and understand them all, keep up your awesome work Sir.

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