Our Big Bear Family member

MANY parents struggle to maintain discipline in their home. But spare a thought for Jim and Susan Kowalczik whose main charge is a huge 1400lb Kodiak brown bear. The couple look after the 9ft giant at their orphanage where they have dedicated their lives to rescuing and releasing injured animals.

They now care for 11 bears, including Kodiak brown bears, Syrian bears and black bears on their 100 acre estate in Otisville, New York. Most were rescued as cubs from breeding programs or nature reserves that closed down.

1:13 I love how this massive bear snaps at his sibling then hides behind his dad lol, I wish that this couple live more years with excellent health. They are angels walking here on earth .
And I hope that their successors will be just as caring, loving and compassionate as them.
Bless you guys.

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