Western Natal Green snake fights huge Gecko

The Smooth green snake is a “small medium” North American nonvenomous snake. It gets its common name from its smooth dorsal scales. It is uniform light green on its back, with a yellow or white belly. At birth, its dorsal coloration is different than when it matures.

At first, it can be olive green, blue-gray, or even brown, but after it sheds its skin for the first time, it becomes the characteristic bright green.

The dorsal coloration can also vary depending on location: bluish in Kansas, olive-tinted light brown in southeastern Texas, and bronze in northern Wisconsin. A non-aggressive snake, it seldom bites and usually flees when thr.ea.tened.

That Gecko gave it all it got .. an amazing feat of strength when you consider the amount of muscle the snake has compared to the Gecko . Was s.a.d to see it bl.ee.ding and near to the end.. but was even more relieved when it came to finish it off, as I don’t think the Gecko had a chance of sur.vi.ving after that ordeal of in.jur.ies it took facing the snake.

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